Tarbell, REALTORS ® Can Help You Become A Real Estate Agent

While others boast the LOWEST, we offer *FREE Real Estate Licensing School

*Reimbursement of your Tarbell, Realtors Licensing School tuition upon closing your first escrow as a Tarbell agent within one year of passing the CA state licensing exam.

Tarbell, REALTORS ® can begin preparing you to enter the Real Estate field by enrolling you into Tarbell, REALTORS ® Real Estate Licensing School. Once you complete these three courses and pass each course's Final Exam, you will meet the educational requirements to take the California Real Estate Salesperson's Exam.

Given the tools that Tarbell has to offer, you can confidently prepare yourself to pass the California Real Estate Salesperson's Exam on your first try! We offer Tarbell students the following:

  • Convenient home study
  • Optional summary review workshop for Real Estate Principles Course
  • Start Real Estate Licensing School anytime
  • Study at your own pace then take each 100 multiple choice question final exam online
  • The opportunity for a rewarding career at Tarbell, REALTORS ®, once you're licensed

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Tarbell Students have three licensing school choices:

  • Option 1:

    $216 Real Estate
    Home Study Courses
  • $216 includes books and shipping for these courses: Real Estate Principles, Legal Aspects of Real Estate & Real Estate Practice
  • Completing and passing these three courses fulfill the prerequisit educational requirements of the California Real Estate Salesperson's Exam.
  • Purchase Option 1
  • Option 2

    $249 Real Estate Home Study Course with Summary Review Workshop
  • $249 includes everything in Option One plus a Real Estate Principles Summary Review Workshop.
  • This option includes Summary Review Workshops and workbook for Real Estate Principles. Workshops provide discussion and clarification during the study process. They are held in several convenient locations once a week.
  • Purchase Option 2
  • Option 3

    $33 Add the Summary Review Workshop to your existing Home Study Course
  • $33 adds Summary
    Review Workshops
    to your existing Tarbell/Kaplan Real Estate Principles Home Study course.
    This upgrade package includes a
    workbook and the Summary Review
    Workshop for Real
    Estate Principles.
  • Purchase Option 3


  1. To avoid a re-enrollment fee, you must complete all courses and pass their online Final Exams no later than 12 months from your original enrollment date.
  2. Regardless of which Option you choose, each course's Final Exam must be taken in intervals of no less than 18 days. This means the fastest that you can complete the three courses is 54 days. Online, open-book final exams are 100 multiple choice questions that must be completed within 150 minutes.
  3. Text books used include California Real Estate Principles by Stapleton & Williams, 2015 Ninth edition. Legal Aspects of Real Estate by Pivar and Bruss, 2015 Eighth Edition, and California Real Estate Practice by Pivar, Anderson, & Otto, 2016 Ninth Edition.
  4. Special accommodations can be made for those who need only one or two courses to meet Bureau of Real Estate requirements.
    Call us for more information (714) 972-0988
  5. Refund Policy: Refunds for new books only if returned unused within 30 days of purchase.
  6. On-line evaluation of courses and instructors is available on the CalBRE's Web site at www.calbre.ca.gov.

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